• solid maple body
  • hollow maple body and carved spruce top
  • hollw body evo 3

Solid body

Our solid body instruments are inherently sturdy, simple to control, and high-volume ready.
These are our most compact, plug-and-play instruments that preserve regular string length, dimension, and proportion.
They deliver a clean, wooden sound that maintains its quality at the highest performance volumes. With these instruments, playing has never been easier.

Hollow body

We designed our hollow body instruments to preserve the harmonic range of traditional instruments. Sound comes from balancing tensions created by the interaction of an instrument’s vibrating parts. In our hollow body instruments, this balance happens in their very hollow body. There we concentrate the work of the sound board, bridge, and sound post to give musicians an instrument with a truly acoustic voice.

Hollow body Evo

The EVO line is our newer line that preserves all the qualities of the ALTER EGO Hollow Body series. EVO is the result of a well-engineered production that reduces costs but at the same time fulfills the most important demands of professional musicians: acoustic versatility, playability, portability, durability.
EVO features new high-tech materials and innovative design solutions. We reduced weight of 30%, enhanced portability, attained maximum dependability.

Alter Ego String Instruments is based in Rome, Italy. Alter Ego USA is our US branch based in Philadelphia, PA.
Here is our international luthiers network. Contact us if you are a shop and wish to join our network.