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Our hollow body cello is a travel acoustic instrument with correct ergonomics as a regular cello. Its hollow body is a precision design project that acoustically responds to the interplay of the instrument’s vibrating parts: sound board, bridge, and sound post. Its setup aims at a perfectly amplified acoustic result. For this reason we designed a specific active electronics. Our pickup and preamp, while highlighting the instrument’s acoustic qualities, are easy to use, and offer the musician control and independence from sound technicians.

Woods & Varnish

EBONY: nut, fingerboard, chinrest, tailpiece, tailpiece button
Balkan MAPLE: neck and hollow body
Red SPRUCE: carved top with differentiated high/low bars, sound post

Natural shellac applied by brush with no base filler applied. Select instrument have French polish finish.

Size & Weight

Our cellos have the exact dimensions of a traditional instrument.

The 5-string cello has a wider neck section and a fingerboard with a tighter curve to provide better uniformity of action. The low-E string is made by Thomastik with our specs for greater clarity.


CELLO is offered with anactive electronics system, powered with a 9V alkaline battery, andtwo sound sensors: one polymeric pickup, placed under the bridge, and a bridge-mounted microphone.
The proprietary active system is conceived to enhance the acoustic qualities of the ALTER EGO instruments. The two sound sources each have its own volume control so that a musician can easily shape their own desired sound.
In addition to the volume, a switch control for the microphone provides as quick adjustable “arco” setting.
9V-operated electronics

Third parties

Gotoh tuning pegs with single adjustable torques and easy fine-tuning made on AlterEgo’s specs.


Over the years we made the following personalizations:
– low-5 string
– high-5 string
– left-handed

Baby EGO line only on request.

Players can request for their own setup on the AlterEgo instruments. It is our job to listen to their preferences, so let us hear from you! Here below is how you can try out one of our instruments. You will fall in love with it.
  • At home

    You receive it at home, you try it out. In case you buy the instrument, the shipping is free for you. Is this your option? Click here to continue.

  • In our shop

    You visit us in Rome. In case you buy the instrument, we’ll reimburse you up to 240 euros for the trip. Is this your option? Click here to continue

  • At your luthier’s shop

    We are in Rome and in Philadelphia (PA), and we deliver in select shops worldwide. Your local shop is not on our list? Put us in contact with your luthier, and we’ll make sure you can try out an instrument there. Is this your option? Click here to continue.