CONTRABBASSO is a fully carved Italian bass made in the tradition of the old masters, and technically improved in setup and solutions for the modern player.
For its sound quality, it is suitable for professional players and for accompanying graduating students into their professional lives. It may be either an orchestral or a solo instrument.

contrabbasso, traditional bass


We met Gary Karr in May 2014 to talk about double basses. Gary Karr has owned an ALTER EGO electric upright bass for many years and in 2013 he acquired one of our traditional double basses. Here is what Gary has to say about the ALTER EGO Contrabbasso.

PART I: Features and portability

“I wish I had that before I retired, because I would not have retired. I would have kept on going, if I had the Alter Ego.”

PART II: Tone and setup

“Boy, this bass has… it’s like a trumpet. It’s really, really loud. It’s phenomenal. I really love it.”


Woods & Varnish

CONTRABBASSO is a fully carved bass, made with very well seasoned premium quality woods.
We apply a natural shellac by brush without any base filler.
French polish finish is available on request.


We designed CONTRABBASSO for optimum portability. We chose an inherently sturdy cornerless gamba shape and an optional removable neck. An open rib system allows players to hand reach and remove the sound post and secure the neck in the instrument’s cavity enhancing portability in two crucial ways:
1) being able to use a ultra-thin (13 in.) and easy to handle flight case.
2) having an instrument less prone to breakage when transported.
Traveling without sound post gives the bass’ back and top greater flexibility that decrease the risk of cracks or breakage during transport.
The sound post can be easily put back in position without the help of any tool or luthier’s supervision. A pencil mark will indicate where the sound post’s round surface perfectly adheres to the instrument top and back.

Other features

Right rib is removable so that players can:

  • Hand reach the sound post for its perfect positioning
  • Access to the instrument’s cavity to lock and secure the neck during transportation.
  • Install a concealed, in-board electronics
  • Place a removable anti-feedback foam

A specifically designed gamba-concept removable saddle allows:

  • To adjust bridge tension / tailpiece angle
  • Back-and-forth adjustable endpin position
  • Adjustable endpin angle that does not require any additional hole.


We have been researching in the amplification world for more than 20 years. For this reason we strongly suggest the Alter Ego electronics with double polymeric film under the bridge feet. It is specifically designed to respect the tonal quality of a fully carved bass. It is dependable, functional, and easy to use.

Flight cases

CONTRABBASSO has a removable neck and rib. Neck and fingerboard are secured and locked in the sound box for extra portability. Its flight case is ultra flat (13 inches), has a regular shape, and it is very maneuverable.
We have two models of wheeled-cases:
LIGHT: It is made of an antiriot transparent polycarbonate and a intuitive strap system for an easy airport security check, it weights 17 kg (37.5 lbs.).
ULTRA-LIGHT: Made in carbon fiber with an engineered breakage-free design, it weights 7 kg (15.5 lbs.)