The EVO line maintains the same traditional building principles.
For its body structure, we chose a fiber-rich aluminum alloy that behaves similarly to classical tonewoods. Its sound board is in Italian red spruce. Its neck is in Balkan maple. Two sound posts act as natural sound equalizer.
The EVO instruments maintain the sound quality and rich tones of the Hollow Body acoustic line. As in BASSO, they are ergonomically designed to preserve a player’s correct posture. Our luthiers make sure that each EVO is fine-tuned to be easy to play with a smooth neck, a fingerboard properly dressed, a bridge correctly curved and set up.
The EVO instruments are built with rigorous standards and a variety of accessories are also offered.

Woods & Varnish

EBONY: nut
Balkan MAPLE: neck, fingerboard core, and tailpiece, shoulders, and knee rest
Red SPRUCE: carved top

Natural shellac applied by brush with no base filler applied.Select instrument have French polish finish.

flamed maple

flamed maple (select instruments)


Weight: approx. 6.5 kg (14.5 lbs.)
Measures of waterproof cordura bag: 145 x 25 x 13 cms (57 x 9¾ x 5 in.)

All instruments come with a standard removable neck for extra portability.
The travel bag is 104 cms long (41 in.) and easily fits in an aircraft overhead compartment.

100 cms long (39.5 in.)
104 cms long (41 in.)
babyEGO, dismountable neck in travel bag
travel bag

Neck system

The Alter Ego neck system allows to adjust string action by changing the neck angle. No bridge adjusters are needed anymore.
The system is quick and precise and can also be done during a performance.

adjustable string action
adjustable string action
adjustable string action
with provided wrench


Built-in shielded ALTER EGO double polymeric active pickup under bridge feet.
With either
Built-in BUFFER PREAMP with Master Volume, Blender control, Master line OUT
Built-in AUX-ready DUAL PREAMP and headphone amplifier with Mix, Blender, Tone shaping controls, Master Volume, Master line OUT, Headphone line OUT.

9V-operated electronics

Dual Preamp electronics
Dual Preamp electronics

Third parties

Despiau Mirecourt bridge in treated maple made on AlterEgo’s specs.
Gotoh tuning pegs with single adjustable torques and easy fine-tuning made on AlterEgo’s specs.
Pinnacle strings by SuperSensitive.


Over the years we have also made the following babyEGOs:

  • Hi-C 5-string
  • Low-B 5-string
  • Left-handed
  • Well-tempered (reversible, rapid lace system to have frets on an otherwise smooth and well scooped fingerboard)
well tempered fingerboard
well tempered fingerboard
well tempered fingerboard
well tempered fingerboard

Players can request for their own setup on the AlterEgo instruments. It is our job to listen to their preferences, so let us hear from you! Here below is how you can try out one of our instruments. You will fall in love with it.
  • At home

    You receive it at home, you try it out. In case you buy the instrument, the shipping is free for you. Is this your option? Click here to continue.

  • In our shop

    You visit us in Rome. In case you buy the instrument, we’ll reimburse you up to 240 euros for the trip. Is this your option? Click here to continue

  • At your luthier’s shop

    We are in Rome and in Philadelphia (PA), and we deliver in select shops worldwide. Your local shop is not on our list? Put us in contact with your luthier, and we’ll make sure you can try out an instrument there. Is this your option? Click here to continue.