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Tailpiece with afterlength tuning system

NEW!! A tunable tailpiece

Tailpiece with afterlength tuning system

Tailpiece with afterlength tuning system

We are very excited to announce our very new tailpiece with afterlength tuning system (patent pending).

We mounted it on a traditional double bass. It is so satisfying!
Our tailpiece allows you to tune the section from the bridge to the tailpiece of each string: it’s a great system to remove wolf tones, improve tone, and give great resonance to the lower notes.
This tailpiece has a reduced mass, and it feels so great on your bow and fingers!


demo instruments

We created a new page with our demo instruments currently on offer.
We now have a babyEGO bass at a super discounted price, 2,450 euros + VAT with free shipping in Europe.
It is in excellent conditions and features a very nice dual preamp.
It is worthy to check it out and share the news with anyone interested.

Gary Karr and Jack Hill meet in Nevada

In the next weeks we are going to release several clips of bassist Gary Karr.
In these clips he talks about double basses with Jack Hill, ALTER EGO’s partner luthier in the USA. Gary also plays his newly acquired ALTER EGO traditional double bass with removable neck.
Jack Hill and Valentina Nardo, principal of ALTER EGO USA, met with Gary Karr in his house in Nevada in May 2014. Awaiting for more clips, here is Valentina’s intro.