Tunable tailpiece
Tunable tailpieceTunable tailpiece

Tunable tailpiece for double bass


Do you experience undesired resonances or want to remove a wolf from your instrument?
This tailpiece allows tuning of the afterlength portion of each string.

There are many valid theories on how to tune the afterlength portion of the strings, but we believe there is no ideal formula as many factors may come into play: inherent features of the instrument, sound post set up, strings, bridge, etc.
With this tailpiece it is possible to easily verify all these theories. It is possible to find the best tonal setup for each instrument, whether that is achieved by trial and error, with a ruler, or a bow.

Each string is attached to a stainless steel clasp that constitutes a node in the vibration. The position of the clasp determines the tuning of the afterlength. The fine tuners placed on the tailpiece allow precision and further tonal adjustments.

Rosewood, natural shellac applied by brush.
high strength braided aramid cord
One-piece weight-calibrated stainless steel clasps
Steel-hardened precision fine-tuners

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Product Description

Tailpiece with afterlength tuning system.


  1. :

    Can this be used with gut strings?

  2. :

    Yes. It can be used with gut strings. What strings do you mount?

  3. (verified owner):

    is there are tail piece for 5string bass?

  4. :

    Yes, Shin. We do have a tailpiece for 5-string instruments. If you’d like to order one, please send us an email.

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